Leila's Hair Museum

Discover the Fascinating World of Hair Art.

What Will You Find at the Museum?

Find fascinating collections celebrating the artistry and history of hair, weaving together a unique and enchanting experience.

How Did Leila Get Started?

Started by Leila Cahill in 1986, the museum showcases a remarkable passion for preserving and celebrating the art of hair.

Chance Discovery

It was by chance when Leila Cahill stumbled upon a treasure trove of hair-related artifacts, sparking her passion and dedication to curate a one-of-a-kind museum experience.

Initial Fascination

With the intricate world of hair artistry, she was intrigued to create a captivating museum where visitors can explore the enchanting history and creativity woven into every strand.

Passionate Pursuit

She transformed her fascination into something unique with hair artistry and a captivating museum, showcasing the depth of creativity and history inherent in every hair.

Explore the Museum's Treasures

Smallest Hair Wreath

Discover the exquisite marvel of the tiniest hair wreath, a delicate masterpiece that showcases the incredible art and precision behind each unique creation.

Domes and 3D Hair Art

Here, you can see unique domes and mesmerizing 3D hair art weaving together a unique tapestry of creativity and artistic ingenuity behind each captivating piece.

Antique Jewelry

Every antique jewelry you see here whispers stories of bygone eras, complementing the exquisite allure of the hair artistry collection.

Embroidery and Reliquaries

All the unique pieces are decorated with delicate embroidery and timeless reliquaries that add a touch of elegance to the art of hair.

Client Testimonial

Check some of the honest sayings that visitors have to share!

The combination of intricate embroidery and unique reliquaries creates an unforgettable experience, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking beauty in the details.

William B. Alvarez

The attention to detail and the stories behind each display create an atmosphere of appreciation for the artistry of hair.

Lester C. Lafleur

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