What You Need To Know About Hiring A Nuplazid Lawsuit Lawyer

Nuplazid is classified as a type of antipsychotic medication which has been linked to countless reports of severe side-effects, hallucinations and even deaths. Today there are a variety of Nuplazid lawsuit lawyers that are accepting Nuplazid “induced” injury cases in every state. If you need legal help regarding this drug then its wise to choose the best lawyers like:  https://www.yourlawyer.com/nuplazid-lawsuit-lawyers/.

What You Need To Know About Nuplazid

Nuplazid also was known as pimavanserin is one of the newer antipsychotic medications which obtained approval in the U.S in April 2016. The medication was supposed to decrease risks associated with psychosis and hallucinations for patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The drug was manufactured and developed by a company known as Arcadia Pharmaceuticals.

Side Effects Linked To Nuplazid

To date, there have been hundreds of reported cases of patients who have suffered from severe side-effects which include some of the following:

• Confusion

• Hallucinations

• Irregular Heart Rhythm

• Ineffective Treatment of Psychosis

• Weight Loss

• Muscle Injury

• Death

What Is The Issue?

Very soon after Nuplazid received approval, over 1,000 patients reported that their hallucinations might be linked with using this medication. To date, there have been more than 2,000 deaths reported, falls, life-threatening incidents, fatigue, nausea, and insomnia.

The Risks Associated With Severe Side Effects

In the clinical trials conducted on this drug, 8.1% of the patients who were taking Nuplazid experienced severe side-effects in comparison to the 4.8% of the patients who were given a placebo. For every two patients that achieved what they called a “much improved” status from taking Nuplazid, one patient experienced severe adverse events, which was reported by the FDA.

Deaths Linked To Nuplazid

In November 2017. Nuplazid was already linked with 244 deaths from the launch date to March 2017, according to the report released by the ISMP which stands for the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

There has since been a significant amount of reports that have suggested that the drug Nuplazid failed to provide the expected benefits or even potentially worsened the conditions, according to reports from the ISMP, that went onto warn that the deaths have reinforced that concerns associated with those that warned that the dug might do a lot more harm than it would be good.

The data from The FDA has now displayed that death numbers associated with Nuplazid have grown to over 700. In about 500 of these deaths, it was reported that Nuplazid was the sole medication that was listed as a “suspect” as the “cause of death.”

How To Claim For Damages Caused From Nuplazid

When approaching a Nuplazid lawsuit lawyer like Parker Waichman LLP, it is important to understand that these claims are still regarded as highly complex. In theory, they are simple to win, yet still very complex to win when in practice.

“Burden of proof” associated with these cases are typically a preponderance of the evidence, which is the legal term which translates into “more likely than not.” If scales-of-justice move even slightly to the favor of the plaintiff, then the plaintiff will prevail on this particular element. This happens to be the lowest standards associated with “proof” associated with the law.
When it comes to these case types, they will always necessitate an expert witness. To evaluate the witnesses, the courts will make use of a well-established Frye standard. In general, the opinions of the witnesses have to be reasonable when it comes to allowing them to testify before a jury. Some states even use a more intense Daubert standard.

However, the medical device and pharmaceutical companies have just about unlimited resources. This means that they hire the best professional witnesses that testify that the drug or the device is completely safe. Also, these case types are also based on what is known as inductive reasoning which means information that is limited in comparison to the reasoning that is deductive which means a large amount of data.

For this reason, to ensure the victim or their families members receive compensation that is fair associated with this case type, the plaintiffs or victim require a highly-skilled and tenacious lawyer.

In a relatively short lifespan on the markets, Nuplazid is already linked with countless fatalities. Many law firms are now offering free consultations with highly experienced Personal Injury lawyers that will not charge any upfront legal-fees associated with dangerous medication cases.

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