Join An Invokana Class Action Lawsuit

If you have had problems after you have started taking Invokana and have had kidney problems or even have had something amputated, then you need to think about speaking with a lawyer. You deserve to get financial compensation for having to go through the pain of Invokana injuries, and a good lawyer is going to help you get the financial compensation you need. You can join a class action lawsuit or file an individual suit to get help.

Invokana is used to treat diabetes, but it can have some serious side effects that can impact your quality of life and leave you with severe injuries. Some people have even had their toes or feet amputated as a result of these side effects. You might experience kidney issues, bone fractures, pancreatitis and heart problems from taking Invokana. Many people have also had to deal with diabetic ketoacidosis which is very serious.

When you end up with a severe injury from Invokana, you are going to need to speak with Invokana attorneys
. The injuries can cause high medical bills, and they can also cause you to have to miss work. They can interfere with your life and keep you from doing the things you like to do. You deserve to get money for this. You can use the money to pay for your doctor and to take care of other bills.

When you are dealing with side effects from Invokana your quality of life is going to change for the worse, and you might not be able to do the things that you used to do. An amputation can change your life forever, and you might never be the same again. If you have been harmed by Invokana, you need to get legal help. You shouldn’t have to deal with severe side effects from taking Invokana, and if you have them, you are going to need a lawyer.

Hundreds of people have filed lawsuits and the companies that make the drug know that there are problems with it, yet they haven’t done anything about it. They haven’t warned people about all the risks, and this has led to serious issues. You are probably entitled to money if you have serious side effects and you need to pursue this option so you can take care of your bills.

Ketoacidosis is a common and severe side effect of taking Invokana. If you have ketoacidosis, you might have trouble breathing, and you could also have abdominal pain and confusion. Many people who take Invokana have also had kidney problems and even kidney failure which can be deadly. Invokana can impair kidney function and lead to failure. Heart problems and cancer have also been linked to Invokana.

If you are experiencing problems, you should see a lawyer. You won’t need to pay anything upfront because the lawyer will be paid on contingency which means the lawyer won’t be paid until you get paid, and you won’t need to pay anything in advance. This will work out well because you won’t need to front any money and the lawyer can take their cut of the settlement.

You can’t fight the drug companies on your own, and you are going to need legal help to get the money you are entitled to. A good lawyer is going to work hard and will ensure that you get the money you need and that you get a fair settlement. You don’t want to risk your health or your finances by not acting. If you have been injured by taking Invokana, you need to see a lawyer.

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