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Leila’s Hair Museum is a unique museum that displays antique hair art collections. It has a gallery that displays all kinds of hair wreaths collected across decades, centuries and eras to preserve the art. Leila Cohoon founded the Hair Museum in 1986 when she opened its first location. However, the idea of antique hair art collection dates back to 1956 when she discovered a gold frame (6” x 6”) with a small wreath of human hair at an antique dealer she visited.

Her passion for collecting antique hair art was ignited with the discovery of the gold frame with a wreath of hair. She developed the need and urge to preserve the form of art.

The hair museum is the only one of its kind in the entire world.

Located in Missouri, U.S., the Hair Museum has a collection of thousands of sculptural antique hair art objects. The museum also has a cosmetology school with a gallery of brooches, hair wreaths, bracelets, and rings behind it.

The gallery also displays Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood glam bob.

The museum grew bigger as Leila continued to find more antique hair art collections.


Due to her commitment to the newfound hobby, she opened a new museum location with more space to display her collections, in 2005. The museum also has glass cases with displays of hair jewellery.

Most of our antique hair art collections were discovered through garage sales, auctions, estate sales, and antique dealers. Each collection is invaluable and has information pointing back to its origins.

Leila’s Hair Museum receives visitors from all over the world, including across the United States of America. We receive millions of visitors every year who find our collections weird and amazing. Others find them thrilling and mystical.

Whether you’re a Missouri resident or live in a different U.S. state, you’ll love to explore this exotic, one-of-a-kind museum. We’re also open to tourists and people on vacation looking for things to do in Missouri.

Leila’s Hair Museum is open from 9am to 4pm every day from Tuesday to Saturday. It’s located at 1333 S Noland Road, Independence, Missouri.


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