6 Artists Using Human Hair to Make Weird Sculptures

The natural nature of human hair makes it versatile.

Some people use human hair for mourning the dead, or even as fertilizers.


Leila’s Hair Museum has inspired many hairdressers and stylists who know how to play with human hair to put their skills in use. Various artists craft new things from it.

Some artists have opted to use human hair to express art.

Since time immemorial, human hair has been manipulated for various applications. Here’re a few artists who are using human hair to make weird sculptures:

Top 6 Artists Creating Human Hair Artwork

Jessica Wohl

Human hair can either attract or repel your attention.

Beautifully made human hair captures the attention of many, while abandoned and dirty hair turns people off. Jessica Wohl has taken her art to another level.

She used synthetic hair to cover the stairs of an abandoned hotel. She says that she wanted it to seem like the hotel was alive all the time; it was unused. She expressed her intentions and feelings using hair to cover the stairs to the abandoned hotel.

The hair also gives the hotel another perspective. It instills fear and terror in the hearts of the people who see it. You may think the hotel is haunted.

You need a strong heart and an adventurous spirit to bravely stand and view the magnificent staircase. 

Nagi Noda

Nagi Noda is from Japan. She was born in Tokyo and is a pop artist. She is well known for the campaigns she did for Laforet and Nike in Panasonic film.

She also led the “Hair Hats,” a fantastic series. It’s about hair sculptures made to resemble animal shapes. She uses wire, real hair, and weaves.

When fixing wires onto her work, Nagi uses welding technology.

For instance, she uses welders of supreme quality to fix wires onto her sculptures. With the top-rated TIG welders, she’s able to produce impeccable works of art.

Victorian Hair Artists

Victorians were popular for their love to make hair sculptures from hair. Queen Victoria entered into a mourning spree for her entire life after her husband died. This awoke a fashion of its kind in that region.

The culture developed into believing in the cult of the dead. They collected a dead person’s hair for other items such as jewelry and crafts that were used for commemoration. They used hair to make patterns that resembled flower petals.

Apart from performing this art for the dead, the weird culture also helped them make friendships stronger and identify family trees. They also used hair to create hair trees.

Yuni Kim Lang

Artists use art to communicate with viewers.

While some aim at instilling fear among viewers, others focus on making viewers develop different feelings through their talents.

Kim Lang uses hair to make art. She uses textiles and hair to make sculptures that show the Korean traditions. Women of high status in Korea believed that the bigger the hair masterpiece on someone’s head, the more beautiful and pleasant it was. Her sculptures are endlessly plaited and woven using synthetic hair.

She creates magnificence with her immaculate talent.

Simon Schubert

Surrealism and Samuel Becket’s writings inspire Simon’s works.

His art often plays around the idea of disappearance. He manipulates hair to make sculptures that represent women in bathtubs that look like coffins.

Hair often engulfs the women in his art because it depicts beauty and magnificence.

Alice Anderson

When Alison Anderson was a young kid, she used to calm her anxiety in a unique way.

And, after becoming of age, she used her hair installations to represent the idea of how she calmed her anxiety.

Anderson’s mother often left her home, and due to loneliness as she awaited her mother’s return, she took loose threads and molded them around furniture and her body.

She even went ahead to use her hair for the same purpose.

Anderson is an artist who uses the hair of toy dolls to create fantastic pieces of art. She drapes buildings using hair and makes breathtaking artistic sculptures.


Artists are highly talented. They use extensions to create beautiful portraits.


Art is a skill that communicates a lot. Artists have always passed their messages to audiences and shared their thoughts through their works. It’s amazing how a human can be so talented to represent magnificence in just a piece of art.

The traditional lifestyles of their forefathers can often be seen from their artworks. Artists represent the various ways of life and beliefs of people. When you hear about hair, you may not think beyond what’s on your head.

Hair adds beauty to human looks, and artists also use it to make sculptures that speak for themselves. They come up with ideas that represent their past lives. They tell stories of the past and the present using this immaculate skill.

Many people are talented, but human hair artists have some of the most amazing works ever seen.

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